RAPEAS : Argentinian network for the study of Upper Atmosphere

RAPEAS was created by CONICET through its Board of Directors (Resolution 2339; July 27, 2011)

 The mission of the network is to consolidate in Argentina a scientific and technologic community devoted to the study of the upper atmosphere and its spatial environment, stimulate the ongoing progress of the discipline, articulate the efforts made by different groups and institutions that work for common welfare and encourage the development of advanced technology, permanent production of data, their modeling and analysis, and training of human resources.

 The general aim is to foster and strengthen research and technologic development focused on the study of upper atmosphere and its spatial environment, contribute to sustainability of human resources and improve the effective use of instrumental facilities, already existent or to be installed in the future.

One of the main specific objectives is to take full advantage of AIRES project (Argentina Ionospheric  Radar Experiment Station): a scatter radar of advanced technology  that will be installed  in Argentina thanks to the joint efforts of National  Sciences Foundation and CONICET.  At present, the network is formed by 20 research groups which work in Argentinian institutions, located in  Buenos  Aires, Mendoza, San Juan, Tucuman and Tierra del Fuego. Each institution sets up a node, one of which coordinates and manages the network and ensures its communication with CONICET.